Spring Fling: Tampa FL, March 18, 2018

Tampa Spring Fling Ballroom Dance Competition

Tampa Spring Fling Ballroom Dance Competition
Photo Credit: Tony Eng, Decadance Photography

Time to SPRING into action !

Kick Off the Tampa Spring Fling Pro-Am Ballroom Dance Competition at the Incredible Renaissance International Plaza, Tampa FL.

This event offers competition events at all levels; Beginner through Championship, and all Ages Junior through… more experienced!

Spring Fling also ‘kicks off’ our Florida Plus series – the most lucrative dance teacher rewards program in the country!


Dancers: View Photos of Spring Fling here
(This year as well as previous years)

Special Thanks to Tony Eng, Decadance Photography

what people say...

“The atmosphere of WP events is distinctly different. People are having fun. I have not seen pro-am dancers have this much fun on other competitions.”

Renata Shvarts - New York, NY