Texas Star Ball: February 11, 2018

Tampa Spring Fling Ballroom Dance Competition

Texas Star Ball Ballroom Dance Competition
Photo Credit: Tony Eng, Decadance Photography

Everything's Bigger in Texas!

The Texas Star Ball returns once again to the Westin Galleria in Dallas! A perfect location for this friendly Pro-Am Ballroom Dance event. There are competition events for all levels; Beginner through Championship, and all Ages Junior through… more experienced! Spectators may attend from as little as $30.

Texas Star Ball also joins the Western Region Plus Series – to become one of the most lucrative dance teacher rewards events in the country.


Dancers: View Photos of Texas Star Ball here
(This year as well as previous years)

Special Thanks to Tony Eng, Decadance Photography

what people say...

" I cannot think of any other series of dance events, presented by any other promoter, that any participant would prefer to be."

Stuart Saunders - Germany

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